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Voyage Manager

Voyage Manager is a Cambridge based travel technology company.


Voyage ManagerWe provide web based travel trackingtravel management and travel security services that give organizations an easy to use and cost efficient platform for managing and monitoring employee travel. Voyage Manager's solutions are highly automated and accessible from any location by web, SMS, mobile phone and voice.

The services use a combination of voice, email, SMS, mobile phone and Iridium satellite tracking and web technologies to provide a complete journey management solution. Voyage Manager travel manager can manage individual employee journeys as well as groups of journeys all with the same ease.

Travellers can check the details of their trips before and during transit. When an employee arrives at destinations throughout a trip Voyage Manager will monitor the arrival and notify relevant parties about the trip's progress. Trip progress can also be monitored using the website, where maps and itineraries help display the data. Some of Voyage Manager's benefits include:

  • providing an overview of your organization's travel activities
  • improving organization control
  • preventing problems from occurring
  • enabling compliance with CSR and HSE regulation
  • improving operational efficiency
  • reducing time locating employees
  • reducing financial risk
  • allowing you to act before it's too late
  • monitoring of carbon footprint

Company Information

Year Founded

  • 2010


  • 5




  • +44 (0)208 938 3116