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Syndicate Room

Syndicate Room uses the equity crowdfunding technology to allow its members to invest alongside Business Angels


logo-primary - 750x250.pngMany high-net worth individuals have an appetite for investing in new ventures but are either not in a position to or have no desire to become active business angel themselves. Syndicate Room provides the means for such people to become passive Business Angels in new venture projects at the click of a button.

Our members can invest knowing that one or more active Business Angels are also investing their own capital into the business. It is free to invest and for each deal it is completely each of our members' decision whether to invest as part of the syndicate of Business Angels or not.

Business Angel Networks can easily syndicate investment from their members, raising more funds from a great number of members without any added work. In the process make your network more visible for potential members and entrepreneurs, increasing likelihood of more and better deals and greater participation by your members.

Entrepreneurs have the double benefit of having the guidance and contacts of one or more active Business Angels and the ability to close the funding round much quicker thanks to access to passive SR Business Angels capital. The company will also have the advantage of a larger group of advocates.

Company Information

Year Founded

  • 2011