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SCi³ is a new logistics consultancy that uses information, innovatively, to deliver sustained supply chain improvements.


SCI3We redesign supply chain networks, smartly procure logistics services, and provide day-to-day operational control. We deliver results: costs savings in excess of 15%, dramatically improved service levels and smoother operations.

In detail, our solutions comprise: 

Supply Chain Design 

We reduce total supply chain costs and improve service levels by reconfiguring your supply chain network. Typical questions we answer are:

  • How many warehouses should serve a region?
  • Where is the best location for each warehouse?
  • Which configuration minimises total network costs, and achieves desired service levels?

We use IBM’s ILOG LNP tool. Usually we deliver total supply chain cost savings between 15% and 20%.

Inventory Reduction

We cut inventory holdings, improve service levels and free working capital by determining how much stock should be held at every point in a multi-echelon supply chain. This analysis is across raw materials, work in progress and finished goods inventory. Generally use IBM’s Inventory and Product Flow Analyst.

Smart Logistics Procurement

We lower transportation costs by identifying the most appropriate combination of logistics service providers:-

  • To which providers should you outsource your transportation?
  • Should you outsource your transportation to one, three or fifteen logistics providers?

We divide the flow of goods into lanes and identify logistics providers who exploit existing back-haul opportunities on each lane.  Smart Procurement usually delivers savings around 15%.

Transport Control Tower

We enable you to better control day to day activities, with a set of processes, structures, and technology that enables your organisation to optimise, execute and measure logistics activities. This delivers a consistent, dependable transportation supply chain that complies with agreed standards/legislation, and provides a governance framework.

Company Information

Year Founded

  • 2010