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Korrall is a SaaS tool for marketers globally


The problem it solves is: Marketers don't have instant access to their audience data, to optimise their advertising budgets, even though it is available digitally from their different marketing channels. Additionally, the data is rarely consistent or standardised to enable like-for-like comparisons. The problem is caused by organisational friction in most advertisers due to the complexity of data preparation required.

Korrall is the solution: An inexpensive, individually purchased tool that simplifies the importing, standardising and elegant visualisation of the data, by employing a researched set of pre-loaded sector-relevant KPI structures. It then reports the data in a series of elegant charts.

There are plenty of dashboard products on the market, but they are all ‘passive’; they do not help the user to a final, but flexible, data structure that is meaningful for their daily marketing activities by a series of simple questions and a ‘scorecard’ to coach or guide the user towards fully automating their marketing channel reporting.

Beyond the automation of current inefficient reporting, in the product road map, we foresee the use of forecasting by regression analysis, correlation to understand causation, econometric modelling of channel relationships to generate meaningful and actionable insight from the data.

Company Information

Year Founded

  • 2014