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Personalised Maps, choose a place and a time. Get a high-resolution PDF poster with a beautiful rendition of the stars and planets as they were over that special occasion.

GreaterSkies captures your special moments by providing an accurate, high quality map of the sun, planets, moon and stars as seen from any given place, date and time (7500 stars approx per map). Include a quote, caption or heartfelt message to make your print even more intimate.

No two special moments are the same and nor are our maps. With our beautifully designed and easy to use website (, we guide you through capturing the sky of your special moment exactly to where and when. To make things easier and more environmentally sustainable, you can download your map, print it yourself, or have it printed by your local professional printer.  We can also print and ship your map directly to you.

GreaterSkies was incepted from a passion for astronomy and the continuing innovation of photo printers. Juan, the founder, wanted to create a large, high-quality map, with the moon, thousands of stars, the planets and the sun. What started out as a simple program to create gifts for family & friends, evolved into a worldwide mission to create an intimate keepsake.

What makes our maps special is being able to personalise your gift to each special moment and person which makes being thoughtful, effortless. To its distinctive elegant look, with the contrast of the white to black background, coloured with the different thousands of stars, our maps are accurate enough to include the constellations of your sky.

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