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Online marketplace for clinical genetic tests

GeneAdviser is a flexible, powerful online marketplace for genetic testing, making it easier for doctors to find and order lifesaving genetic tests from accredited laboratories. geneadviser_onwhite_RGB.png

With an easy online interface, plus quality metrics enabling clinicians to choose the most appropriate test, we hope that more doctors worldwide will be able to use genomic medicine in their practice.

We were inspired by the unmet need in rare genetic diseases: with 6000 rare diseases already identified, these conditions affect 1/17 people. But on average, it takes patients 6 years to be diagnosed, with visits to 8 doctors and specialists.

Our service will help more patients find diagnostic answers sooner by reducing the barriers to accessing quality genetic testing first-rate laboratories across Europe and worldwide.

International cooperation in rare disease treatment and research is already common. Our aim is to unify the genetic testing market in Europe, optimising the process for lower costs and easier access to testing across country borders.

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