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Focal Point Positioning

Creating innovative advances in the fields of positioning, navigation and timing

Focal Point Positioning.jpgFocal Point Positioning is bringing accurate position and time to smartphones and autonomous platforms, indoors and out. We are developing a smartphone-based sensor fusion, machine learning, and signal processing suite to provide satellite positioning capabilities in areas that have until now been unreachable.

Our new technology dramatically improves the sensitivity and performance of existing radio-based positioning systems, providing new capabilities and services in urban environments and deep indoors.

Focal Point consists of a team of domain experts with over 25 years of combined knowledge in the world of Positioning, Navigation and Timing. The team originally worked together in the Defence industry, improving the navigation and positioning systems of a range of platforms from submarines to Martian rovers. Having worked on every possible man-portable positioning system in use today, the team are fully aware of the performance limitations of everything currently in use. So the development of a new generation of positioning technologies began.

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