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World’s First Deep Aging Profiling from Home via Personal Proteomics

AgeCurve’s thesis is pretty simple: Aging is really agings underneath, the results of many separate processes mainly governed by changing protein functions, proteins being the real action molecules of life. Mass spectrometry-based proteomics is currently the only high-throughput reliable and reproducible method capable of sequencing and quantifying thousands of proteins at the same time to assess those changing protein expression levels. Deep, stratified and actionable biological age profiles and trajectories can only be delivered by measuring these overall proteome expression levels. This is what AgeCurve aims to do. Based on non-invasive saliva collection (the emerging standard of DTC omics profiling), the sample is sent to our partner lab for the mass spec runs and the results are delivered to our users couple of weeks later (standard timeframe) as a native web application accessible with digital devices. 

We capture already bits and pieces of 4 out of the 9 molecular hallmarks of ageing with many customised protein stories: proteostasis, senescence cells, innate immunity - inflammaging, cellular energy/respiration and we are adding more stories since we have thousands of sequenced/measured human proteins.
May Your Best Years Last Years Longer!

Company Information

Year Founded

  • 2015