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Acting Systems

Platform helping marketers create scripts for content by using the demand expressed by audiences on social media.

Acting Systems helps social marketers create original scripts for content by using the demand expressed by audiences on social media. Our solution uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and content production processes. Each one of our scripts is composed of granular story elements, backed by clear audience demand.

Acting System focuses on the unmet need of helping social marketers craft a big story to share with their audience and drive their content strategy. Time and resources are short for marketers. Our technology helps them maximize their time in producing the most effective and engaging story possible without the need to interpret data from dashboards or share random pieces of UGC content. 

Acting Systems is being built by a four-person team with expertise in Data Science, Information Systems, Software Design, Digital and Social Media Marketing, and Content Creation, Production, and Distribution. Amy Munz and Nicolas Croix are leading the transformation of social data into stories. They have a combined 20 years of experience in writing stories, creating entertainment content, and producing advertising campaigns. Their productions have been either performed live on stage, broadcasted on prime-time television, or launched on websites to mass audiences. They also pride themselves for having created productions in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders - from brands and agencies to professional artists and local communities.  Now, they will help marketers create content in collaboration with the biggest community on earth - the 2 billion people on Facebook. 

Company Information

Year Founded

  • 2017