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Bright Barley

The non-dairy drinks company based on barley that will offer a clear, unique point of difference by delivering heart-healthy beta gluten and reduced sugar content in a delicious, convert, on-the-go, organic drink.

Bright Barley Image


A new food/drinks business has been set up based on a focus on an under-utilised but highly nutritious ingredient. The umbrella theme of the company is “barley”. Barley is an excellent source of heart-healthy beta glucan, has fewer calories and more fibre than oats and rice.

With ever-more consumers choosing dairy alternatives for perceived health reasons, the opportunity exists to create a range of barley-based, dairy-free, ready-to-drink (RTD), great tasting drinks, which delivers the health benefits of barley and offers a “better for you” option.

Company Information

Year Founded

  • 2016



  • 8613810701270