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TouchTap™ apps by InputDynamics aim to bring the casework of the 1bn+ smartphones and tablets to life without the need for new hardware.

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TouchTap™ is a patented, tap recognition software embedded within an app, which transforms the caseworkof a device into an input surface the user can tap onto to perform certain tasks faster, more easily and more intuitively.

The user can tap on the back of the device to implement shortcuts or impart frequently used commands specific to a TouchTap™ app. For instance, within a TouchTap™ camera app, the user, by tapping on the back of the smartphone, can take a picture or a selfie single handed, browse pictures without smearing the screen with finger grease, zoom in/out.

InputDynamics aims to make TouchTap™ the global industry standard for casework input functionality by selling apps & merchandise and by partnering with developers, operating system vendors and handset/tablet/touchscreen controllers/multimedia hub manufacturers.

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