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Inkling Cambridge Ltd

Developing real-world applications for graphene through our universal nanoplatelet dispersion process

Inkling is a fledgling spin-out from the Cambridge Graphene Centre, and builds on research lead by our MD, Richard Howe, during his PhD and subsequent NanoDTC Translational Prize Fellowship. Graphene has potential to be the next “platform material”, with applications including high speed and flexible electronics, improved energy storage, high performance sensors, and high strength composite materials. However, the challenges associated with handling graphene and integrating it with other processes have limited its mass-market applications to date. We are seeking to address this, and have developed a universal process to add value to commercially available graphene “powder” from any source by dispersing in selected solvent mixtures. We are now targeting high-volume and low-cost applications for the process, including high strength polymer composites for coatings and adhesives, and conductive inks for printable electronics.

Company Information

Year Founded: 2016


Twitter: @inkling_cam