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Enigma Bridge

Privacy Dimension for Cyberspace

Enigma Bridge Ltd transforms the way businesses protect their data. Our services provide customers their own Private Cloud Spaces. Whether in public cloud or hosted internally. Private Cloud Spaces simplify creation and use of secure space to protect intellectual property, provide secure sharing of data and files, and communication for businesses, teams, as well as individuals.

The security of our Private Cloud Spaces is underpinned by our Cloud Encryption platform providing unparalleled security against hacking or snooping. Customers can protect and monitor security of its data without any expert knowledge. The Cloud Encryption platform uses products of trusted market leaders in the microcontroller market.

Enigma Bridge provides encryption and other security functions on the application level. This approach is suitable for security-aware customers. It will also satisfy requirements of general data protection regulation (GDPR) covering data of all EU citizens from 2018. While disk encryption protects against disks being stolen, Enigma Bridge protects data on disks to be accessed without authorizations.

Our services provide you with a complete control over your data. Our secure computers will erase your sensitive data if someone tries to physically attack our servers.

The Cloud Encryption platform can be also used directly via its application interface (RESTful API), which currently provides the following set of operations:

-        Tokenization – functions for payment processing applications where credit card numbers can be replaced with tokens that take client applications out of scope for PCI audits and certifications.

-        Key management – secure management of symmetric and asymmetric keys, our Amazon PKI service provides clients with a system for digital certificate management with one-click installation.

-        Data encryption – functions you know and need – digital signatures, encryption, integrity protection.

-        Re-wrapping – atomic re-encryption of your data from keys for secure transport to database keys for long-term storage.

-        Metering – a simple approach to control who, when and how much accesses your data, just add an asynchronous web service call to your application and you can see all the data in your Splunk dashboard.

If you need your own Private Cloud Space or to protect your cloud applications, please get in touch at . We can provide the technology you need as well as advice the best approach to solve your security problems.

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