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Spectral Edge

Colour Clarity for All


A spin-off from the University of East Anglia,Spectral Edge has pioneered new approachestoimage fusion, colour perception-based processing,and image enhancement. Our image processing technology is underpinned by strong mathematics and a focus on winning image preference tests.

Spectral Edge has developed Eyeteq, designed to provide an unprecedented level of detail to colourblind observers for video. We combine details that are beyond what colourblind people can normally see into parts of the spectrum visible to them, so they can see what they never could before. We do this in such a way that non-colourblind people like it too. Eyeteq is available as licensable software IP to the TV industry, and can be tried out on still images using our free app:

 Spectral Edge has also developed a unique image fusion technique that harnesses the full power of colour to display multi-modal images without artefact. For example, a satellite image can include visible, infrared and thermal data. Spectral Edge combines all that information into a single, detail-preserving and meaningful colour image.

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