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Next gen cancer diagnostics via liquid biopsy

Mursla is a startup developing a portable diagnostic device that leverages proprietary nanostructures to significantly improve cancer detection. Our technology has the potential to simplify the whole cycle of cancer management through utilizing a novel, non-invasive procedure called liquid biopsy.

We are using a new type of microfluidics-integrated electrochemical biosensor thanks to our unique ability to design and mass produce electrodes with specific geometry that can interact with single proteins at the nano-level.

Therefore, we are enabling a new liquid biopsy approach at the point-of-care through the large-scale analysis of circulating protein analytes (superior to other ones such as circulating free DNA or microRNA as they are not the functional parts of all metabolic pathways) that are impacted by the presence of cancer.

As a spin-off from Tokyo Institute of Technology, we are currently collaborating with the University of Cambridge to develop an integrated prototype device.

Company Information

Founded Year: 2017


LinkedIn: @Mursla