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Focus on a Founder with Sam Bose - Celebrating 10 years of Community

last modified Jul 08, 2020 09:15 AM
From welcoming its first member 10 years ago ideaSpace became home to a range of exciting start-ups – many of which have gone on to great success. We are loving celebrating our decade of community with our ‘Focus on a Founder’ series. This week we spoke to Sam Bose of who joined ideaSpace in 2011.

Sam Bose focus on a founder

Sam Bose
Sam’s journey in natural resources industries started from his childhood when he grew up in a mining town in India along with a family history in developing India’s Mining Industry. This gives him a deep commitment and appreciation of the real world challenges faced by people working in resources industries. His motivation is to use leading edge technologies like AI, Internet of Things, and automation to make mining more efficient, reduce health & safety risk for onsite personnel and transform these traditional industries to become more sustainable. 

Sam has two decades of experience working with emerging technologies like machine-to-machine, wireless technologies and software at leading technology and management consulting companies. He has been involved with ARM, Motorola, Deloitte and has co-founded two companies prior to his journey with


2. How is your venture doing? is an Industrial AI company making mining operations more efficient, sustainable and safe through trusted and open artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. brings together some of the finest data scientists, software engineers and industry domain experts across its global offices working on the convergence of AI, Big Data and the Industrial Internet of Things.

We are currently in the growth phase of our company’s development. Since starting 5 years back, we now have large mining customers across the world in regions like Latin America, Central Asia, South Africa and Australia. We have been doubling in size for the past 3 years and forecasting to grow at a minimum 25% compound annual growth rate over the next 5 years. 

Our HQ is in Cambridge, UK with an Engineering Development Centre in Barcelona and field teams in Santiago (Chile), Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Perth (Australia).


3. What advice would you give to a founder starting out?
As a founder, starting out, focus on proving your product-market fit at the earliest. Startups in the early days are essentially a vehicle to prove that your idea has merit for enough people to pay money for it and solves a genuine problem in the market. Until you have crossed that chasm, raising any external investment, all marketing effort etc is just masking the core issue in your company. You will know once you reach the end of this phase as your end users will start pulling you for sizeable commercial deals and then you reach the growth stage and are ready to scale your business. One of the banes of startup life is that there is loads of advice all around and everyone has an opinion about your business. Most times people get side-tracked from the core on the back of this advice and end up losing focus. 

Keep the focus, with an incremental growth mindset, and you can build a successful business in any sector. 


4. How is being part of the ideaSpace community helpful to you?
Ideaspace has been incredible from Day 1, giving me an opportunity to expand my network. The wider community, including the Institute for Manufacturing (iFM), has been incredibly supportive with respect to supporting us with clients, strategic partners or otherwise. If you are into progressive business building, IdeaSpace is the community to work with as part of the Cambridge ecosystem.   


To find out more about visit their website here.

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