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CIR Strategy

Since 2001, CIR Strategy has worked with executives at small, medium-sized and large companies or financial institutions to provide clear and practical help and risk management through opportunity prioritisation, market research validation, to establish rigorous strategic plans and processes, or execution.


CIR StrategyWe do this by taking clients through rational processes for the company to choose the best, validated opportunities at the lowest risk, finding priority or new segments and the optimal routes to market value.

CIR supports an online mashup of high tech companies using the API Googlemaps - currently the over 700 genuine high tech companies in the Greater Cambridge area and some others are covered on one searchable cluster map in 10 segments.

CIR Conferences runs and develops technology conferences, having founded the High Value Manufacturing Concept in 2002, and celebrating its 10th Anniversary at a summit in 2012. CIR Conferences also owns and runs the cleantech conference brands: Smart Grids, Cleanpower, HEAT, SHIFT and EV2BE (jointly with the BRE). CIR is developing an agile smartphone friendly platform for supporting its high quality events.

Company Information

Year Founded

  • 2001