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Cambridge Nanosystems

Cambridge Nanosystems is a world's leading producer of ultra-high-quality graphene in commercial volumes, as well as a developer of graphene based applications.

Cambridge Nanosystems


Cambridge Nanosystems is a UK-based start-up born out of Cambridge University that specialises in advanced materials. The company has developed a ground-breaking new method of producing ultra-high-quality, impurity-free graphene in high volumes. This process is based on the bottom up, molecular assembly of graphene sheets, using natural gas as carbon precursor and without the need of a catalyst. The innovative production method enables the commercial scale production of these multi-functional, high-performance materials.

Apart from production of pristine graphene in industrial volumes, Cambridge Nanosystems specialises in production of: 
(A) flexible graphene heaters which reach 80°C in only 12 seconds and can be applied to any shape and size; 
(B) electrically conductive inks that are compatible with a variety of printing processes including inkjet and screen printing;
(C) graphene additives and graphene-enhanced resins for prepreg and resin infusion composites. Cambridge Nanosystems' graphene-enhanced resins demonstrate high electrical conductivity (8 S/m), high thermal conductivity (6 W/mK) and improved mechanical performance (45% increase in toughness).

Company Information

Year Founded

  • 2012


  • 25





  • 01223 359316