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Cambridge Carbon Capture

Cambridge Carbon Capture Ltd works with a wide range of industrial customers & university partners using mineral carbonation process chemistry to extract value from silicate minerals and wastes and to produce zero-carbon lime & magnesia for CO2 sequestration and other applications.


Cambridge Carbon CaptureWe provide expert technology development & consulting services in mineral carbonation and fuel cells to industry. Our proprietary, award-winning electrochemical technology also enables zero-carbon electricity generation from the profitable & scaleable conversion of CO2 and wastes into high value metal, mineral and chemical products

This award-winning technology will enable the power, mining, waste and chemicals industries to cheaply convert fossil fuels to carbon-free electricity and sequester carbon dioxide safely, permanently and as a solid product. CCC is currently working with a range of customers to evaluate opportunities for mineral carbonation in their specific applications.

CCC's process offers a profitable route for carbon capture and storage through conversion of natural silicate rock or costly industrial process wastes into valuable minerals, metals and chemicals.

Cambridge Carbon Capture and Polarcus enter into research collaboration project to reduce CO2

Company Information

Year Founded

  • 2009


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