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Understanding what really matters to ICU patients

Research over the last 30 years has repeatedly shown that patients in ICU feel their symptoms are poorly understood and that clinicians over estimate the ability to understand their patients. This is the most distressing and stressful aspect of critical illness - more than one in four ICU survivors suffer with depression, anxiety or post traumatic stress disorders. ​

Using touchscreen technology, myICUvoice is a new software system that is a symptom management, communication and rehabilitation tool for all ICU patients, their families and staff. For physically weak, voiceless and ventilated patients the simple symptom selection tools combined with type-to-speak and physiotherapy functions are now an integral part of our care.  myICUvoice's unique back-end technology also allows clinicians to continuously monitor, quantify and evaluate, in real-time, their patients' symptoms and experience. ​​


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