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Videregen Ltd

Transforming the lives of patient’s with rare diseases using personalised organs.

Through the creation of personalised, engineered organs constructed via the use of biological scaffolds and a patient’s own cells, Videregen is paving the way for the delivery of novel, regenerative treatments for rare incurable diseases. The Company’s potentially curative technology provides a new approach to treatment in some diseases and an alternative to conventional organ transplantation in others. Videregen’s proprietary technology relies on the process of tissue decellularisation, an innovative approach that gently removes cells from donor organs that would otherwise cause rejection. This creates a scaffold upon which the new organ can be built. 

The Company’s personalised organ replacement technology will look to target specific rare (orphan) diseases, offering improved clinical outcomes for those patients whose diseases cannot be successfully treated by existing medical interventions.

The Company is seeking to also extend its collaborative network by working with other organizations within the Cambridge biomedical cluster. 

Company Information


  • Steve Bloor, CEO

Year Founded

  • 2011