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Cambridge Intelligence

At Cambridge Intelligence we build innovative and powerful data visualisation and link analysis software. Our expert developers have worked with customers worldwide, including the US Army and the UK’s fraud prevention service, to help them overcome their data challenges.

Cambridge Intelligence

Turn data into insight

KeyLines, our first product, is a sophisticated data visualisation toolkit for exploring networks using a web browser. By looking at networks, it’s possible to see your information in whole new ways, finding patterns and connections that are otherwise hidden, turning raw data into insight.

Reach the whole organisation

KeyLines is supported on every major browser, including old versions of Internet Explorer. Additionally, it benefits from an intuitive interface that makes visualisation accessible to everyone without the need for extensive training.

Visualise any network

Our software is suitable for a range of uses. Whether you want to track terrorist cells, investigate fraud, visualize email patterns or simply understand your Twitter network, KeyLines can make your life easier.

Save time and money

By choosing KeyLines over building a solution in-house, organisations can quickly and easily build visualisation applications that are powerful, good looking and easy to use - without compromising on their requirements. 

This helps them get their solution in place quickly and with a saving of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of pounds.

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