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Alquist Consulting

Alquist in recent years has evolved through innovation and introduced a variety of energy reduction technologies to the market to complement our existing platform of consultancy and training services.


Our most recent innovation is celsius, our award winning high definition temperature monitoring system.

Celsius uses advanced optical technology to measure temperature at 2m intervals along a 4km length of fibre optic cable. The unit has 4 fibre ports allowing a total of 8000 temperature measurements to be taken simultaneously. Accuracy is between 0.1°c and 0.01° depending on sampling time.

Our visualisation software, DC-View allows clients to see their temperature performance in real time and to set alarms when thresholds are exceeded. Although the technology has applications in many industries our current focus is on reducing energy consumption in large data centres.

Company Information

Year Founded

  • 2003



  • 08000 337430